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New, fully functional Clinical-specific use for mindLAMP!

· 2 min read
Suraj Patel

mindLAMP now features a variety of new features to support a clinical-only team if there is no need for specialized researcher functions or if a simpler and streamlined UI is preferred. See our documentation here for greater details.

New Features

  • Admins can now administer a new set of hierarchies for researcher roles. They can be assigned researchers as is or System Admins, but for different restricted permissions, you can create new Practice Lead and User Admin roles. See the documentation here for greater details.
  • New Simple Mode and Advanced mode views in the dashboard for researcher and clinician preference. See documentation here
  • The dashboard now features a select and deselect all button to streamline filtering for users
  • The survey builder now features a time picker option, allowing for custom PM/AM entries and military time


  • DBT Diary Card visualizations in the Portal tab now feature a streamlined, filterable grid-based visual for skills used
  • The dashboard now features alphabetical sorting for group creating/duplication

Bux Fixes

  • Graphs in the Portal page will now dynamically render to fit phone screens
  • Labels are no longer overlapping on icons
  • In dashboard, activity scheduling no longer requires refreshing to view the set schedule
  • Learn tab nested tip labels have been updated to have cleaner text formatting
  • No longer collecting deprecated sensors gps.contextual and accelerometer.motion