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2022 User Interface Improvements

ยท One min read
Ashley Meyer

Server administrators MUST upgrade from :2021 to :2022 versions in the Docker configuration. Please contact us on the forum if there are any questions.


  • Streaks now display after all activities in a group have completed instead of in between them.
  • Streaks now apply per-activity, and can be customized.
  • Password rules are now supported per-server (please contact us for specifics on usage).
  • Filter/sort is now enabled in the clinician user dashboard with alphabetical and reverse alphabetical options.
  • Matrix survey options are supported. (BETA)
  • Resolves minor issues with the Matrix survey option.
  • Resolves issues with the back button in Tips.

Known Issuesโ€‹

  • The matrix survey data format is not finalized; while the data will be recorded, it may not be compatible with Cortex and other API facilities.
  • The Tips sub-tip duration is currently not recorded when the back button is pressed.


  • Resolves a vulnerability in alpine.
  • Minor changes to creation of Redis connections.