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Visualization & Activity Updates

· One min read
Suraj Patel


  • DBT Diary card now has split colors based on effective/ineffective behaviors
  • DBT Diary card renamed some sections to be more clear of section's purpose (i.e. "Target behaviors" renamed to "Target Effective Behaviors")
  • Cognitive games tests tab added to docs here
  • Minor documentation edits

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved an issue where if a reserarcher duplicated a study group and created a new user, the icons associated with the duplicated group's activities would not carry over to the new group
  • Fixed an issue in which markdown was not working for embedding links
  • Fixed an issue where duplicate sensor events were being collected
  • Resolved an issue where scheduled activities were not appearing at the activities
  • Resolved an issue where scheduled activities would not lead to the respective activity