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Cortex Visualizations & Activity Updates

ยท 2 min read
Aditya Vaidyam


Cortex & Enhanced Visualizationsโ€‹

  • We've added support for displaying real-time visualizations generated by the Cortex data analysis pipeline in both the app and management console.
    • We've optimized and streamlined the Prevent tab of the app

  • We've added support for user-specified dynamic Vega charts in both the app and management console.
    • This feature is currently limited to the DBT Diary Card activity, but will soon be available for other activities.


Localization & Internationalizationโ€‹

  • Added an "empty tab" message and optimized interface text.
  • Updated support for Hindi (hi-IN).
  • Updated support for Spanish (es-ES).

Activities & Surveysโ€‹

  • Added the SHORT ANSWER question type with description text.

  • Added the RATING SCALE question type with description text.

  • Added custom icon support for surveys and activity groups.
  • Added automatic question settings validation for certain question types.
  • Updated Jewels settings to support multiple modes (beginner, intermediate, advanced, expert) and variants (trails_a, trails_b).

  • Added support for Markdown-formatted text in Tips (coming soon to other activity types, including surveys).
    • Currently does not support Table formatting.

Bug Fixesโ€‹

  • Resolved an issue in the Breathe activity where the duration of the exercise did not correctly match the length of the audio, if one was uploaded or specified.
  • Resolved an issue where adding a vector image (SVG) as a custom activity icon caused the icon to be erroneously compressed and pixelated.
  • Resolved an issue with the Activity and Participant tabs of the management console displaying information slowly and in the wrong or random order.