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Ease of Use Improvements

ยท One min read
Aditya Vaidyam

Bug Fixesโ€‹

  • Resolved an issue where introduction tooltips for each tab (Learn, Assess, Manage, Prevent) continued to appear when logged in as a patient even after being dismissed once.
  • Resolved an issue where Automations visualizations were limited to 320 x 320 pixels in size.
  • Resolved an issue where longer Journal entries could not be viewed later and were instead clipped to 700 characters max.
  • Resolved an issue where the Likert survey option was not configurable and was limited to only four static response choices; you must now manually specify your Likert scale using the List option type.
  • Resolved an issue where Spatial Span was not configurable to select between the Forwards and Backwards variants.
  • Please note that if you have exported learn or manage tab Activities from a previous version of the dashboard, you may need to re-export them with this new version.