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· 2 min read
Lucy Gray
  • [iOS] Resolved an issue where the iOS app would erroneously request location permission even when it was denied.
  • [Dashboard] Resolved an issue where a portion of the dashboard header at the top of the page was not clickable.
  • [Dashboard] Resolved an issue where the language selection dropdown menu on the login screen of the app and dashboard were erroneously empty.
  • [Activities] Implementation of temporal order test cognitive game.
  • [Activities] Optimized Jewels task screen size.
  • [Server] Enhanced the security of the API response headers.
  • [Android] Changed accelerometer data query response format to match that of iOS.
  • [Server] Changed lamp analytics response keys to maintain consistency.
  • [iOS] Resolved an issue regarding the iOS app spontaneously logging users out.
  • [Activities] Resolved an issue with Pop the Bubbles.
  • [Server] Changed SensorEvent response format for consistency across device types.
  • [Dashboard] Resolved an issue where 12 could not be picked in time picker.
  • [Dashboard] Resolved an issue with incorrectly queried elements in data portal.
  • [Activities] Adjusted Cats and Dogs docs and code so that the static data takes the same format.
  • [Android] Resolved issue where telephony sensor was not integrated.
  • [Dashboard] Resolved issue where tips files could not be deleted.
  • [Dashboard] Resolved survey visualization error where x-axis was one day off.
  • [Activities] Resolved issue where dialogue box was popping up unnecessarily when trying to edit an activity.
  • [Dashboard] Resolved issues with the matrix survey interface.
  • [Dashboard] Added separate Toggle filters to select a date range for every subsection of the diary card.
  • [Activities] Updated the Matrix survey design.
  • [Android] Resolved an issue where the Android app would erroneously request access to phone call data.
  • [Dashboard] Created a dropdown for domains at login.
  • [Dashboard] Resolved app slowdown issues when editing or completing activities.
  • [Dashboard] Resolved issue about extended loading times when loading schedules.
  • [Server] Resolved an issue where notifications were being sent after logging out of a study.