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Current MAPNET Specific Features and Information

  1. When requested, it can be configured so that patients are unable to view some or all results on the prevent screen. If this is not a current feature for your site and you would like to implement it, please reach out to
  2. If viewing LAMP export files in Excel, please ensure to replace the "activity" column with the proper survey name, and add a new "timestamp_txt" column with the formula: =((A1/1000)-14400)/86400 + 25569 and set the formatting of the column to date-time. (Replace A1 in the formula with the actual column.)
  3. McLean and the other MAPNET sites are now all hosted on the same server. Each MAPNET site functions separately as a researcher on this server. To add more sites, please reach out to

MAPNET Feature Requests

NameStatusSubmitted by
Include Activity Names in CSV ExportSubmittedAlyssa Williamson, Molly Stettenbauer
Specify between baseline and follow up assessmentsSubmittedAlyssa Williamson
Ability to export all patients from all clinics to csv from the dashboardSubmittedAlyssa Williamson
Add ability to change the date field from the dashboard retroactivelySubmittedAlyssa Williamson
Change data responses to be numerical valuesSubmittedMolly Stettenbauer
Self report versus clinician administered scales being available to only patients versus only cliniciansSubmitted
Being able to save clinical notes somewhere while doing clinician administered surveys for patientsSubmitted
Reverse coding survey questionsSubmitted
Specifically marking questions is required versus optionalSubmittedEmily He
Add a BMI auto calculator to it so when you plug in weight and height it fills in the BMISubmitted
Conditional LogicSubmitted
Editing Survey QuestionsSubmittedAlyssa Williamson
Sum scores from the MOASSubmittedMolly Stettenbauer
Hide prevent graphs from patientsCompleted