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Configure OAuth for Google

For Oauth integration more broadly, please follow the documentation linked here:

Configure the Google Cloud App for MindLAMP:

To use Google OAuth we’ll need to generate credentials for MindLAMP

  1. Create a Project in Google Cloud App as explained here:

  2. Create an OAuth Client in the Credentials section as explained here:

    a.  Note that you’ll need to add the dashboard url in the authorized urls. (FE:

    b. As redirect url you’ll need to add the OAuth entry point of the app. That’s the dashboard url followed by “/oauth”. (FE:
  3. Copy the client id and the client secret as we’ll need the to configure the server.

Configure OAuth in the MindLAMP server:

Now that we have the credentials we’ll need to add a few environment variables to the MindLAMP server.

OAUTH_CLIENT_ID="<client id here>"
OAUTH_CLIENT_SECRET="<client secret here>"
OAUTH_REDIRECT_URI="<dashboard URL here>/oauth"
TOKEN_SECRET="<LAMP defined secret here>"

Remember that OAUTH_REDIRECT_URI must be exactly the same as the redirect URI the client was set up with.