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Notes on Android

Certain mobile devices and software are recommended and discouraged for the use of mindLAMP. When implementing mindLAMP, keep the following guidelines in mind when trying to avoid technical difficulties or optimize app efficacy.

  • Android devices are more likely to experience errors with mindLAMP relative to iOS. Android is common parlance for non-iOS devices, encompassing a wider range of smartphones, with varying levels of quality control.
  • Android devices typically remain ‘usable’ for longer periods compared to iOS devices, but this does not mean mindLAMP runs well on old devices. We do not recommend operating systems older than Android 8 be used with mindLAMP (as of 10/28/2022). Device age is pertinent to software, as some older android devices CANNOT be upgraded to more recent versions.
  • A new, high-end android device such as Samsung Galaxy or Google Pixel will operate mindLAMP comparably to a new, high-end iOS device.

Devices and Software to Avoid

  • mindLAMP cannot support android devices operating any android version older than Android 8. mindLAMP cannot support android devices operating Android Go, or android devices with low cpu/memory.

Whitelisted Devices

These devices are RECOMMENDED for mindLAMP. While many other devices can and will operate mindLAMP, the following devices will produce the lowest bug output.

  • Any iPhone less that approximately 3 years old
  • Samsung Galaxy A, M & S Series
  • Google Pixel