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Clustering Activities in mindLAMP

Clustering activities from the mindLAMP dashboard can allow users to receive activities in an immediate sequence.

  1. Open an investigator in LAMP Dashboard.

docgrp1 png)

  1. For the patient of interest, go to their ‘settings’ page (the gear icon on the right).


  1. Select ‘Add’ to create the activities you wish to be grouped.


  1. When creating each of the activities, select ‘Customize which Tab this Activity appears in’. In the dropdown to the right, make sure all Tabs are UNCHECKED.


  1. Create an activity group. Give it a name and select Learn AND Manage as the home screen tabs.



  1. At the bottom left it should show you a box, click it to select the activities that will be grouped together. There should be a plus icon to add more activities to the list, keep adding the activities in the order you want them to appear. The delete button will remove the individual activity from the group.


  1. Save the activity group.