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Building New Activities

Because the LAMP Platform is built around around a simple native core and a flexible WebView UI, any HTML/CSS/JavaScript code that works in a browser can work in the app.

Learning modules, surveys, cognitive tests, and interventions all use the same API and using a framework such as React makes it simple, for example, to create new interventions as needed with patient/participant feedback.

Any Javascript-based code can be added the LAMP Platform using the ActivitySpec API, as long as it uses window.postMessage() and window.addEventListener() API to receive the Activity settings and submit the ActivityEvent once complete.

With approximately ~40 lines of JavaScript + React code, shown on the left, produces a naïve implementation of the Jewels game, shown on the right.


If you'd like to try creating your own, but don't have a ReactJS development environment, consider using CodeSandbox, a free service.

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