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Human subject research conducted with the mindLAMP app requires the approval of an Ethics Review Board or Institutional Review Board.

You may be asked by the Division of Digital Psychiatry to produce a copy of an approval letter from your institution's Institutional Review Board (IRB) or Ethics Review Board (ERB) to serve as proof of compliance before continuing to use any component of the LAMP Platform, including the mindLAMP app. If you are unable to produce such documents as proof of compliance, collection and management of data and participants in your study in the LAMP Platform may be terminated at the discretion of the Division of Digital Psychiatry.

Please note that the Division of Digital Psychiatry maintains sole availability of the mindLAMP app in compliance with Apple and Google, regarding their individual App Store submission guidelines and software policies.

All research participants must physically or electronically (on an IRB-approved platform) agree with and sign a consent form outlining all points (1) - (5) listed below as part of all research conducted through the LAMP Platform, including the mindLAMP app. Requirements:

  1. The nature, purpose, and duration of the research.
  2. The procedures, risks, and benefits to the participant.
  3. Information about confidentiality and handling of data (including any sharing with third parties).
  4. A point of contact for participant questions.
  5. The withdrawal process.

Please note that this also applies to data imported from outside of the LAMP Platform, irrespective of where such data was collected or how it was collected.

Partner Surveys

We request that if using mindLAMP to administer surveys, consortium partners agree to use the following questions in a survey sent once to participants. This so there are common elements across all studies using mindLAMP and feedback collected on use. Each question should be asked and rated on a Likert scale.

  • I thought LAMP was easy to use.
  • I felt very confident using LAMP.
  • I enjoy using LAMP.
  • How would you rate your experience with LAMP?
  • How would you rate LAMP's usability?