Custom Activities using React


If you'd like to follow along, but don't have a ReactJS development environment, consider using CodeSandbox, a free service.

Because we build LAMP-core around a simple native code base and a flexible WebView UI, any HTML/CSS/JavaScript code that works in a browser can work in the app.

Learning modules, surveys, cognitive tests, and interventions all use the same API and using a framework such as React makes it simple, for example, to create new interventions as needed with patient/participant feedback.

By combining the methods shown in both Figure 1 and in Figure 2, it becomes very easy for clinicians or researchers with limited programming experience to create activities in conjunction with their patient or participant. Perhaps a “digital” clinical visit designed with mindLAMP would then allow for the clinician to work with a patient and design an intervention specifically for them.

Figure 1: Approximately ~40 lines of JavaScript + React code, shown on the left, produces a naïve implementation of the Jewels game, shown on the right.


Figure 2: Using a variant of Blockly, developed by Google and used by the MIT Scratch language, we can drag-and-drop blocks to generate JavaScript code behind the scenes.


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