Consortium Partner Guidelines and Principles

Consortium Partner Guidelines and Principles

Consortium Partners utilize the LAMP Platform at no-cost; the guidelines and principles below outline the benefits and expectations:


The Division of Digital Psychiatry will provide partners two hours of technical support time to set up mindLAMP. Issues or bugs can be reported in our feedback system here and will be prioritized. Members are encouraged to post any mindLAMP related questions and comments in our online forum here .

Shared Data

Non-identifiable data is shared in a common data pool for consortium partners to view and access for data analysis.

③ Shared Survey

If using mindLAMP to administer surveys, consortium partners must agree to use 1 - 5 common questions which are listed here. This will allow partners to gather data from diverse study populations.

Independent Server

Consortium partners host the Backend and store data on their own servers, through their organization's IT approval.

IRB or Protocol

All partners are required to share their IRB or a detailed clinical usage protocol with the Division of Digital Psychiatry.

  • Once a partner's IRB or clinical protocol is received, the Division of Digital Psychiatry will grant them access to a digital certificate allowing their independent server to communicate with the mindLAMP mobile and wearable apps (i.e. push notifications).
  • This requirement is due to Apple and Google strictly regulating research and medical uses of apps; and was part of the unique approval process for mindLAMP.
  • Should unauthorized usage be detected, the mindLAMP mobile and wearable apps will be removed from the commercial marketplaces which will of course impact every user in the world.
  • An organization not willing to comply will need to download, modify, recompile, and resubmit the apps under new names to both Apple and Google independently. We have instructions how to begin that process here (see Native App).

Quarterly Webinars

Every three months, the Division of Digital Psychiatry hosts a webinar for consortium partners. Webinars offer partners an opportunity to share their research and discuss how the LAMP Platform can be improved and utilized towards shared goals.

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