Activities in the app

The mindLAMP app supports many interventions, cognitive tests, and games in addition to surveys and articles/tips. You'll find these activities below along with descriptions and help videos on how to use them.


Some items are marked as "Coming Soon" to indicate that they are under construction and not available yet. We'll let you know when they're ready. Some items are marked as "Removed, Unavailable" to indicate that they were previously available in mindLAMP 1 but have not been updated to support mindLAMP 2. Their descriptions and details will remain here to support studies that have already collected data using them.


If you'd like to see what kind of data types a specific Activity provides, tap on the Data link below it to learn more.


Was there something we didn't cover, or need more help? Let us know by making a post in the LAMP Community, or contact us directly. Thank you for your contribution! 🌟 Page last updated on October 1st, 2020.